About us

Company Plastenka is 100% owned by the Kaplja family
and it was established in the 50s of 20th century, while its current location dates back to

0 .

We rank among the leading manufacturers of blown plastic products in Slovenia.

The modern mechanical equipment enables the processing of 4000 tons per year of various thermoplastics. Some of our products from the EURO program have acquired certificates UN (ADR/RID).

Although we are not certified, we manage our business in accordance with the requirements of the ISO 9001:2008 quality management system. Our products meet the requirements for Health Safety of Products and substances that come into contact with food. All our products are manufactured in accordance with the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) system, which we have had in place since 2010. Since 1991, we have also had a certified drinking water well with our own filling station and the Zlata kaplja brand, with an established HACCP system for it.

We are oriented to the local market, but we are even more intensely focused to the exacting foreign markets, where more than 70 % of our production is being exported.

Mission and vision

Our mission is to provide all our customers and clients the high-quality services, complying with the desires and demands of the market and with the adopted standards and norms.

Owing to our business excellence and the development at all levels, we are a reliable partner to local and to foreign companies.

Quality Management


For our filling station, we have established an HACCP system, and this year, we also plan to establish an IFS system.

For production, we have implemented Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), and until 2015, we had a certified ISO 9001:2008 quality management system. Due to a business decision, we discontinued the ISO 9001 certification, but all our activities still adhere to the principles of ISO 9001.

Since we manufacture products suitable for the transport of dangerous substances under the UN (ADR/RID) regulations, we undergo an annual external audit by the OFI Institute from Vienna.

In 2022, we also had five audits from our customers. While they didn't find any non-conformities during the inspections, they provided recommendations, which we welcome. We see them as opportunities for improvement and strive to become even better through these suggestions.


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