We are offering to the customers a wide assortment of blown plastic package, suitable for all kinds of content in the liquid or solid state, of different shapes and volumes between 100 ml up to 50 l.

In view of meeting the needs of customers, our manufacturing program is being constantly changed and completed, and the customization is achieved by the development of new shapes of packages, by the manufacture of new tools, and by the support, provided to the customers at the selection of suitable thermoplastics (raw materials). At the moment more than 400 different types of products are available. The customers can get the product with the engraved markings, logos, with a level strip line, warning markings, etc.

Our offer comprises, besides the products in customized shapes and volumes, also the product for the general consumption and the assortment of the standardized products.


Our products are made of:

  • HDPE (high-density polyethylene),
  • PET (polyethylene terephtalate),
  • PP (polypropylene),
  • PVC (polyvinylchloride)

Our advantages:

  • capability of customer tailored development of a product
  • own distribution network for the delivery of products to customers
  • competitive prices of our products
  • high quality of products
  • exceptional adaptability to customers
  • modern machine fleet
  • wide assortment of product


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